Martin recently joined Stanley Robotics as a Java Backend Developer. He’s going to be in charge of improving the product's backend and of developing new features. We decided to ask him some question about his arrival.

OK, Let’s start by you introducing yourself to our readers (Just about who you are, your career so far etc.)

I'm Martin and I studied engineering with a specialization in embedded computing at UTC Compiegne, I then did an internship and I was subsequently hired by a company called Gostai. I did some work with IOT at Withings, who was up and coming in France, and then I joined Keecker, a robotics company, but totally different from Stan in terms of application. After four years at Keecker, I was contacted by a recruiter to join Stanley Robotics.

What is it like to go from working in B2C robotics to a B2B environment?

At Stanley we have already identified our target customers, we know their needs and know why they want to work with us. In a B2C environment such as at Keecker, it was more difficult for us to find our target market, to identify their needs and to make a product that they like!

Why did you choose Stanley Robotics?

You can see throughout my career, I tend towards roles that involve working with a physical product not to mention my preference for robots which I enjoy working with because the product itself is technically quite complicated with its own host of technical challenges;  they're also just really fun to watch. At Withingshink I worked with digital weighing scales which was not very glamorous. Job opportunities in robotics are few and far between. The Stanley product philosophy really appealed to me and when I found out there was a position that matched my skills, it was an offer I simply couldn't pass up.

I have always worked in start-ups, I like the close-knit atmosphere where we all eat lunch together etc. On my first day, I spent some time with my team and was completely taken with it all, by the end of my half-day induction I knew I was where I wanted to be. I'd finally found a company with a start-up spirit and a relaxed atmosphere, and where everyone has a great rapport with one another.

Do you have any other hidden talents?

I don’t have any hidden talents, except that I played the piano for 10 years!

Can you tell us a bit more about your role here at Stanley Robotics?

I joined Stanley as a Java Backend Developer in the Parking Software team; the team that manages the car park intelligence and assigns tasks to the robot. Currently, I am working on new parking optimization algorithms. The idea is to maintain the application we currently have and to have it evolve!


Finally, do you have a “funniest word”?

I'd say "Typically". I've not yet noticed it here but it's almost like a language tic that everyone would use at my 3 previous jobs. The computer engineers tend to use it a lot, I just noticed it one day and since then it makes me laugh when I hear it.

Thank you and welcome Martin!


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