We are optimizing parking space

An intelligent management software coordinates all of the robots. It also ensures a more pragmatic use of space by arranging more vehicles within a given area. The existing parking infrastructure needs little modification.
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Our technology is twice as cheap as other space creating solutions

Our solution adapts to existing parking structures. It therefore requires very little change to existing infrastructure. It is thus much cheaper than other parking construction solutions.

Our solution can be implemented in months

In just a few months, the zone is prepared and our robots can optimize your parking lot. Our solution is dynamic and quickly adapts to your space creation needs to deal with flow changes.
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Our robots are completely autonomous

Once deployed, our robots are totally autonomous. Connected to the parking reservation service, they manage the arrivals and departures of customer cars without need for human assistance.

Our solution works both indoors and outdoors

We designed our robots to work just as well in outdoor and indoor parking lots. Our technology is resistant to temperature variations, as well as bad weather and can operate at any time.
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Our robots are eco-friendly

Our robots are 100% electric. Considerably reduce the ecological impact of your parking lot with our solution. Cars are moved by robots, eliminating polluting emissions in the parking lot! We help to preserve the environment.

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