News & BusinessMOSOLF and Stanley Robotics join forces to launch their first compound robotisation

MOSOLF and Stanley Robotics join forces to launch their first compound robotisation

Stanley Robotics and MOSOLF lay the foundation for the future: the go-live for automated compound logistics!

MOSOLF, a leading technology and logistics service provider in the international automotive
industry, started a first test project together with Stanley Robotics. Since the beginning of
October, 1000 storage locations for finished vehicles have been managed completely
automatically on a 3-hectare site using 4 robots. The goal is to cover the entire site with
robots by 2023 to control over 100,000 vehicle movements per year.

Framework agreements on future cooperation laid the foundation for this cooperation. The
integration of the robot solution into the operational and IT-systemic processes of the Mosolf
Group could then be completed. All the necessary information is exchanged via an interface
in order to maintain Mosolfs processes error-free and to integrate the driving movements
carried out by robots in the daily business.

The project will demonstrate the performance of the system in managing inbound and
outbound vehicle flow, delivery time, responsiveness, real-time inventory management,
compound visualization and time savings for truck drivers.

Stanley Robotics aims to enable an increase in operational performance thanks to its robot
and digital twin solution, a guarantee to welcome truck drivers at all times and release them
as soon as possible. With this solution, today’s logistics challenges such as capacity
bottlenecks and labor shortages, can be tackled.

Wolfgang Göbel, CSO of Mosolf SE and ECG President, commented:
The technology partnership with Stanley robotics supports our aim to automatize and
decarbonize our core business of vehicle handling and at the same time to overcome the
severe Labour shortage in our sector.”

Clément Boussard, CEO of Stanley Robotics, added:
“I am very proud to have signed this framework agreement with Mosolf Group, a pioneering
logistics company that has anticipated every change in the logistics sector by being
innovative. I am very grateful for their commitment, which will allow us to accelerate the
robotisation of the FVL industry.

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Stanley Robotics est une entreprise technologique qui combine matériel et logiciels afin de fournir des solutions pour la logistique extérieure.

La technologie repose sur un robot qui soulève et déplace des voitures de manière autonome ainsi que sur un logiciel de gestion intelligente du stockage. La robotique a transformé la logistique intérieure (par exemple, dans les entrepôts), entraînant une augmentation spectaculaire de la productivité.

L’ambition de Stanley Robotics est d’apporter cette transformation à la logistique extérieure grâce à ses technologies propres.

Fondée en 2015, la PME a son siège à Paris, en France, et est également à l’origine du premier service de voiturier robotisé en extérieur au monde.