The software behind

The Software Behind

We developed all our software from scratch. It provides all the brains your compound needs to be automated, digitised, and robotised.

Site Mapping

We create a digital, real-time image of your compound to automate all management.

Stocks Management

The system tells the robot which cars to pick up, and where to park them. And it has a broader view: it optimises vehicle flows so that cars are picked up and delivered where and when you need them.

Fleet Management

The system allocates jobs to robots, and makes sure nothing gets mixed up.

Watch us Work

The interface offers a real-time visualisation and supervision of car moves. You can access information on each car and plug in to each robot’s cameras and captors.

All Connected

Our software connects to your own management system, flight information (for airport), delivery planning (for car logistics) to adapt in real time to real life.

Flexible APIs

Every one of our systems has the ability to connect with yours: do you prefer a very hands-on approach, or would you gladly leave it all to us? We fit integration levels to every need.

You want to know all the technical specifications, download our documentation.

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Stanley Robotics Logo

Stanley Robotics is a deep tech company that combines hardware and software to provide solutions for outdoor logistics.

The technology lies in a robot lifting and moving cars autonomously and in an intelligent storage management software. Robotics has transformed indoor logistics (e.g., in warehouses), resulting in a spectacular increase of productivity.

Stanley Robotics’ ambition is to bring this transformation to outdoor logistics with their proprietary technologies.

Founded in 2015, the SME is headquartered in Paris, France, and is also behind the world’s first outdoor robotic valet parking service.