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Stanley Robotics is the partner that will help your industry move from digitalisation to robotisation.

We build a digital twin model of your site, providing real-time management, optimisation and visualisation tools for every type of yard. Our proprietary software aggregates data for improved business intelligence and anticipates peaks of activity.

Once your compound is digitalised, we can start automatising: our system integrates with your current site operational processes. Each task is scheduled to save time for truck drivers, operators and to optimise occupancy of the handover zone.

Job Scheduling

Our system automatically calculates and prioritises tasks to be performed. A handover zone saves time for truck drivers, operators and optimises efficiency.

Fleet Management

The fleet of robots can work 24/7. They are managed and dispatched in real-time, based on calculated trajectories and task requirements.

Smart Supervision

Custom notifications, drag & drop, heat maps and other handy productivity features streamlines operations and allow users to make changes on the fly.

Resources Optimisation

The system configures the best use of human and robotic resources to make the most of your yard. Benefit from 24/7 support to help with activity peaks.

We engineer the precision autonomous mobile robots that will move your cars, park them, and deliver them where and when you need them. Operations are safe: no human error, no scratch.

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Stanley Robotics is a deep tech company that combines hardware and software to provide solutions for outdoor logistics.

The technology lies in a robot lifting and moving cars autonomously and in an intelligent storage management software. Robotics has transformed indoor logistics (e.g., in warehouses), resulting in a spectacular increase of productivity.

Stanley Robotics’ ambition is to bring this transformation to outdoor logistics with their proprietary technologies.

Founded in 2015, the SME is headquartered in Paris, France, and is also behind the world’s first outdoor robotic valet parking service.