Maud recently joined Stanley Robotics as a Talent Acquisition Manager. She’s going to be in charge of finding new talents! We decided to ask her some questions on her arrival.

OK, Let’s start by you introducing yourself to our readers (Just about who you are, your career so far etc.)

Well, I'm 30, I graduated with my MA in HR in 2013. I was centred on aeronautics; I did my apprenticeship at SAFRAN. I then completed work experience in Brussels for 1 year in engineering recruitment trades, with a focus on Techspace Aero, it was a great experience. Subsequently, I went to London for personal reasons where I started my own junior recruitment company with different profiles: marketing, engineering, logistics...

I travelled a lot during my studies, I went to the United States, Portugal, Moldova, Finland; I did all of Eastern Europe. This allowed me to become more adaptable, increased my open-mindedness and also gave me the opportunity to target international profiles. Travel really helped me achieve a lot, coming from a small village with just 5,000 inhabitants!

So you went from aeronautical recruitment to airport parking?

The connection between the two is that they're both engineering type careers. Considering all the differences, from aeronautical parts to robotics, the basis is the same with the change being on the software part, with java or C ++. Anything I was unfamiliar with, I was able to pick up fairly quickly because of my background.

Why did you choose Stanley Robotics?

Just as with my own company and from my experience in London, I wanted to develop the French market. I was in contact with Aurélien Cord and I worked for Stanley Robotics for 5 months as a consultant via a recruitment agency. For example, I took care of the recruitment of Simon, CAD designer and then I saw the opportunity on the career site. I was interested in fully integrating within the company as a permanent employee. I'd done a lot of consulting and work for recruitment agencies and I wanted to see explore how to manage the issues and how to help a company to grow internally.

Do you have any other hidden talents?

I played the flute for 15 years. Other than that, I just love life.  I am a very positive person and enjoy sharing that with those around me.

Can you tell us a bit more about your role here at Stanley Robotics?

My job is really to support the company in terms of recruitment issues. The company wishes to make more than 15 hires by the end of the year so my goal is really to support the managers and founders in finding new employees who will join us in a timely manner.

Finally, do you have a “funniest word”?

Sprudelwasser (Mineral water in German)!

Thank you and welcome Maud!


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