When we began our adventure at Stanley Robotics, we naturally surrounded ourselves with people who shared the same values as us.
In the business early stages, nothing needs to be written or formalized. Nobody needs it. Everything is done naturally, by consulting one another collectively. The beginnings of corporate culture are created by the core of the company's first employees and founders.
Once the company begins to grow, and more staff are recruited, these values need to be communicated, explained, or passed on to those new members. Essentially, despite the changes and challenges the company undergoes (recruitment, re-organization, etc ...) the corporate culture and values can continue to be upheld. That's when we decided to meet in order to write our values.

Writing the Stanley Robotics Values

At Stanley Robotics, we like to pool our strengths and work collaboratively to get the best out of the group. To create our values, we met during workshops to work on its constitution.

The aim of these workshops was to let everyone have their say and to have everyone understand that these were the values that bring us together and make up our corporate culture.

Each person had to write as many words as possible about the behaviours and attitudes at SR and voice their ambitions for Stanley Robotics. They had a few minutes to think about each of these themes and vocalize their thoughts before grouping them into categories.

As a result of this exercise, 12 major themes emerged such as : High Tech / Ambitious / Conscientious / Courage / Sharing / Collaborating...

Finally, we decided to group these major themes into five key values:

We made the future yesterday. Let’s go further!

AMBITION - Our users told us that what we have already achieved is "the future now". Our ambition is limitless and we are not afraid to enter into unexplored territories. We have only realized a small part of our vision of robotics serving the public.

Be a Jedi for others.

SHARING AND SUPPORT - Yes we really like some pop-culture references. Each one of us helps his colleagues, his partners, his clients to be even more effective together. We always think globally before thinking personally. We tell ourselves things with transparency and kindness. Together we confidently face the unknown and celebrate adversity as much as joys and successes.

Make it simple, now.

EFFECTIVENESS - We favour fast production so that we can learn from our mistakes and improve our service. We also focus on what is urgent and useful rather than fun or secondary. Finally, design and user experience go hand in hand with simplicity.

Do what you can’t.

LEARNING - We learn to do what we do not know and do not let anyone tell us that it is not possible. We are not afraid of failure, we are optimistic and always face the unknown with courage. We do not stay in our comfort zone because with us the learning curve is the most important part.

Own the company.

COMMITMENT - Stanley Robotics is a community. Responsibility and autonomy are strongly encouraged. Each person is an ambassador, proud to represent the company, its values and its ambition. Our customers, partners, investors all play a key role in our history and as such are part of the incredible adventure in which we are all involved.

Everyday values at Stanley Robotics

Values represent a written formalization of the personal discipline expected of each member of the team or partner. To respect and follow this discipline every minute of every hour of every day is a constant challenge.

For me, I realized I didn’t always follow the mantra of "make it simple now". When facing each task, I have to force myself to manage it quickly and in the simplest possible way.

I don’t know exactly how the teams at Stanley Robotics apply these values in their personal work. But what we want is that when they face challenges, they must decide quickly and make a decision: rely on these values to move forward! Since they were set up, I noticed that during a working meeting, these values were cited to speed up decision-making, move to another topic or reorient a strategy. That's exactly how they should be used.


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