Abdoulahi recently joined Stanley Robotics as a Quality Assurance Manager. He’s in charge of assuring certifications for our robots and managing every aspect of quality! We asked him some questions on his arrival.

OK, Let’s start by introducing yourself to our readers (Just about who you are, your career so far etc.)

Well, first of all, I am older than I actually look like, it's funny. I trained in general engineering and have worked in industrial system engineering for twelve years working for two big multinationals and an SME.

The SME had many similarities with a startup, that is to say, there was still a lot to be done. The difference is that a startup is just coming into being whilst that's not necessarily the case for an SME. Even if an SME has been around for fifteen years or more, sometimes they might not have necessarily addressed all the issues from the start. This is what I liked at Stanley Robotics, to have this sensitivity to quality since inception.

The multinationals I worked for were Thomson Telecom (now named Technicolor) in telecommunication and Thales. During these different experiences, I dealt with all the different areas of quality. Each area has a very specific job: "product quality, supplier quality, production quality ... It was my job to cover all these areas one by one in the multinationals. When I moved to the SME there was no quality post at all and so I took care of it all alone.

The creative startup environment with an innovative product and attractive content (website, blog ...) is what really drew me to the role. Robotics activity is one of the fields of the future. The allure of innovation and the service project also pushed me towards SR.

Do you have any other hidden talents?

I speak two languages, Fulani and Wolof, which have no impact on my professional life but that I like to put on my resume and it is often the subject of curiosity with many companies I've been in contact with: "Fulani, Wolof, what are they?" I always tell them that they're the languages of the future and that if they don't hire me, it would be a big loss in the future (laughs).

Otherwise, I am very much a homebody, my passions revolve around my family.

Can you tell us a bit more about your role here at Stanley Robotics?

My role is "quality assurance manager". Today the focus is on product quality and more specifically on certifications. Running in parallel to that there is plenty of technical documentation, for example, to describe a process, how to manage technical documentation, how to name and index them etc.

I'm also involved in all other aspects of quality such as supplier quality or production quality and then on the process between the different departments.

Finally, do you have a “funniest word”?

There is a word that I discovered from my friend from Marseille that I find funny: "emboucaner".

Thank you Abdoulahi!


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