Lison recently joined Stanley Robotics as a deployment engineer. She’s going to be in charge of the deployment of our service at the airports of Lyon. We decided to ask her some questions on her arrival.


OK, Let’s start by you introducing yourself to our readers (Just about who you are, your career so far etc.)

Well, I'm a recent graduate, my most recent work experience coming from my final year internship where I worked in California in an IoT startup in silicon valley. There, we did predictive maintenance for refrigeration units, standard air conditioners, big fridges etc., installed sensors and ascertained if the equipment would have broken down. In this company, I took care of the tests and the supports of these apparatuses. Before this internship, I studied electrical and computer science at the school of engineering in Toulouse.

Why did you choose Stanley Robotics?

During my studies, I did a semester in Montreal in industrial robotics. It was a little different, but I loved it and it made me want to work in the robotics industry.

The product you are developing interested me and I was looking for a startup environment because of the positive experience I had with the startup in the US. After interviewing with Aurélien and Clément, they explained to me the company's vision, that there was a lot of movement, and that the company is continually growing and developing.

Do you have any other hidden talents?

I have played the piano since I was 8!

Can you tell us a bit more about your role here at Stanley Robotics?

I'm a "deployment engineer" which has me placed where all the technical team's crossover. It's part of my role to coordinate these teams during a deployment. A deployment is when we change the configuration of the site, for example, if we add a robot or if we add more spaces... I also manage service interruptions, the integration of the work of each team together, the on-site tests and the final deployment.

Finally, do you have a “funniest word”?

I do! "indubitably". I once had a colleague in the United States who said it all the time it made me laugh!

Thank you and welcome Lison!


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