Thomas recently joined Stanley Robotics as a Mechatronics Engineer. He’s in charge of designing the evolutions of our robots and he will be a key contributor to our mechatronics team.

OK, Let’s start by you introducing yourself to our readers (Just about who you are, your career so far etc.)

I did a scientific baccalaureate, followed by a degree in mechanics at IUT Cachan where I specialised in robotics. This gave me a good mix of applied and technical expertise. I then went on to study engineering; mechanical and microtechnology. After my studies, I was hired by a company called AirCaD, who develop private aircraft; essentially high-end planes that are normally used as commercial aircraft.

Initially, I was a 3D designer and then to develop my technical expertise I worked as a technical engineer. I also worked as a calculation engineer for 2 ½ years. My skills were unique because I had a technical background in design combined with skills in calculational analysis. I stayed with this company for 6 years and during this time I spent a year and a half in Austria in an English speaking role.

Following this, I was hired by Leoni (80,000 employees worldwide), a company that makes medical robotics. We were based in Chartres, and developed a medical robot for delivering "proton therapy" - a special process that destroys cancerous tumours. I worked in mechanics and so was mainly focussed on design as opposed to calculational analysis. I’ve always had a passion for robotics and despite the fact that my first professional role was in aeronautics, as soon as I could, I came back to robotics.

What attracts you to Robotics?

I like the multidisciplinary aspect of robotics, that you aren’t limited to a single focused area but that you can combine both the theoretical with the technical. I enjoy dipping into programming and in my free time, I do some work on ARDUINO to learn more about software development. I’m drawn to robotics because of the endless possibilities to invent and make fantasy into reality.

Why did you choose Stanley Robotics?

I was contacted by a recruitment agency. I was already looking for jobs in the robotics industry but I was looking for the right working conditions first and foremost: I was looking for a good team, a good job and good company ethos. I was hesitant to pursue working at a startup side because I saw the challenges as more of a hindrance than an opportunity but at Stanley, I was enticed by the pursuit of their goals - not to stay as a startup but to move on to something greater.

I place heavy emphasis on quality. I was trained to follow standards and to write new ones. In the aeronautics and medical field, training is rigorous and standards are high; quality is in both the delivery of the service product and the development of the product.

Do you have a hidden talent or a passion you can tell us about?

I don't really have any "passion" but I believe if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. As for my hidden talents... I’ll try to keep them hidden (laughs)!

Can you tell us a little more about your duties at Stanley Robotics?

Today I am attached to the MECHATRONICS team, I work as a Mechatronics engineer on robot design and product development. I also work on R&D as I have a particular interest in innovation.

What is the funniest word in your opinion?

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !


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